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Agile is not what you do, Agile is what you become!

Hi, welcome to UK Scrum Academy! 


You may already know us as Random Analysis, well we have undergone a bit of a transformation to better reflect our commitment to sharing Agile knowledge and empowering individuals and organisations. 


We are fast becoming one of the leading authorities on Scrum practices in the UK, our academy provides comprehensive training and CPD-accredited certifications that equip professionals with the necessary skills to stand out and thrive in today's dynamic and very competitive business environment. 


Whether you are a beginner contemplating a career as an Agile Scrum Master or Agile Product Owner, a business manager wanting to explore the benefits of Agile delivery, or an experienced practitioner seeking advanced insights, our specialist instructors and industry-recognised curriculum will ensure a transformative learning experience.


Please click here to be transferred to UK Scrum Academy.

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