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If you are contemplating transitioning your organisation to Agile ways of working, then you have probably already read numerous reports and editorials on the advantages of Agile delivery and all the improvements you can expect in terms of speed of delivery, quality of outcome and most importantly, reduced costs; but have you thought about the challenges you may face along the way?


When organisations begin their Agile transformation, one of their first challenges is understanding the roles necessary to support the initiative; for example, one of the most critical but often a new concept for many organisations new to Agile delivery, is the role of the ‘Scrum Master’. The most frequently asked question is "What makes the Scrum Master role different from that of a Project Manager?" The differences are important and, in our experience, understanding them is crucial to Agile success. 


A strong corporate culture not accustomed to the Agile mindset can also be a difficult environment in which to implement Agile methods.  In some cases, the company’s culture and practices may reward non-Agile milestones while inadvertently discouraging Agile success. In other words, If the correct framework for the new delivery concept is not in place, Agile adoption can be extremely difficult. When a company maintains a non-Agile framework and then tries to shoe-horn in Agile practices, they often end up accomplishing less at greater cost while also achieving lower quality results which, ultimately leads them to somehow conclude that, it is Agile that does not work. 


Random Analysis based in Leatherhead, Surrey, specialises in helping SMEs and LEs transition from Waterfall to Agile delivery processes. Our services also include Agile training workshops. We combine powerpoint presentations, business cases and discussions to create an effective learning experience; an optional online assessment on conclusion of the workshops assess the level of Agile knowledge transfer.

Our professional and highly motivated Agile specialists, all with extensive Agile delivery and coaching experience can also assist your organisation with:


  • Product Backlog maintenance

  • Agile business analysis

  • Definition of INVEST compliant User Stories with BDD formatted Acceptance Criteria 

  • Release planning

  • Daily Scrum meetings 

  • Agile Sprint Planning 

  • Agile Sprint Reviews 

  • Agile Sprint Retrospectives

  • Burn-down & Burn-up charts

  • Encouraging adherence to the Agile delivery principals

  • Agile SDLC framework design and workflow automation

We are also fully versed with the UK central government/public sector GDS Digital by Default Service Design Standards, G-Cloud and DOS framework procurement processes.

Specialist Areas

Agile Business Change

    Agile Coaching

     Agile Transformations

     Agile Training

Agile Project Delivery

     Agile Sprint Planning

     Agile Sprint Reviews

     Agile Sprint Retrospectives

     Daily Scrum Meetings

Agile Project Governance

     Geo-dispersed Matrix Team Management

     Burn-down Charts

     Burn-up Charts

     RCI Reports

Agile Methodologies

    Agile Scrum, Lean, XP & SAFe

Product Management

      Business & Systems Analysis

      Agile User Stories

      BDD/TDD formatted Acceptance Criteria

      Product Backlog Priority & Maintenance

Tooling & Bespoke SDLC Workflows

      JIRA, Mingle, TFS, Eyleen

Government Service Standards

     GDS Alpha & Beta Assessments

     GDS Digital by Default Service Standards



“Failure is not an option.”
"The strategic business objective must be delivered within budget and to aggressive timescales. Working seven days a week in order to ensure that a major project is delivered on time and within budget is not unheard off. Every task is a personal milestone. If a good result is feasible, achieving it - is not impossible."

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