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Agile Programme Management

Do you need Agile specialists for your digital project?

Perhaps we can help with security cleared professional and highly motivated Agile specialists with extensive Agile delivery and product management experience in cloud-based technical and non-technical environments including central government, retail, health, insurance, finance, human resource and marketing departments of high profile organisations.


☑ Product Backlog maintenance

  Agile Business Analysis

 BDD formatted User Stories

 INVEST compliant User Stories

 Release planning

 GDS Government Digital Service compliance 

☑ Daily Scrum Meetings 

☑ Agile Sprint Planning 

☑ Agile Sprint Reviews

☑ Agile Sprint Retrospectives

☑ Burn-down & Burn-up charts

☑ Adherence to the Agile delivery principals


Highly structured, iterative and incremental development approach where the solution evolves over the lifecycle of the project through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams.

Each delivery cycle (sprint/iteration) adds value and produces a potentially shippable product enhancement which is measurable and can in theory, be deployed to a production environment.

New features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability. This also provides the opportunity to release or beta test the software earlier than planned if there is sufficient business value.

Each Sprint is of a fixed duration, cost is therefore predictable and limited to the amount of work that can be performed by the team in the fixed-schedule time box. Combined with the estimates provided to the client prior to each Sprint, the client can more readily understand the approximate cost of each feature, which improves decision making.

While the team must stay focused on delivering the agreed subset of the product’s features during each sprint, there is always an opportunity to refine and re-prioritise the product backlog. New or re-defined backlog items can be added and planned for the next sprint, providing the opportunity to introduce changes within days or a few weeks.


Planning service



How the planning service works

Agile certified Product Owners and Business Analysts with extensive experience in business analysis and software development can assist with designing and planning the solution. User Stories which describe the functionality required are defined with BDD formatted Acceptance Criteria to ensure that the scope of a requirement is unambiguous, describes the business need and not the solution or how to achieve it. 

TDD Gherkin Syntax additionally enables testing of the solution to be automated using specialist cloud-based or proprietary software testing tools thereby making deployment and regression testing significantly easier to achieve.


Planning service works with specific services



Training service provided



How the training service works

Our Agile Coach/Trainer articulates the skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to successfully deliver a complex agile project as a Scrum Master or successfully define and manage a Product Backlog as a Product Owner.


Training is tied to specific services


Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available



How the setup or migration service works

We encourage and help buyers to use cloud-based open source COTS solutions available on the G-Cloud framework. During the analysis phase, we the Agile Certified Analysts define the requirements so that the eventual solution can be delivered using cloud-based SaaS, PaaS or IaaS services.


Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services


Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service



How the quality assurance and performance testing works

All digital services are built to connect to and utilise cloud-based tools that collect performance data (Google Analytics) for service analysts. We use the data to analyse the performance of the service and to translate the information collected into feature enhancements and tasks for the next phase of development.

Security testing

Security testing service


Ongoing support

Ongoing support service


Service scope

Planning of the digital service will usually include planning in the event of the service being taken temporarily offline. On completion of the assignment, support of the service will usually be handed over to the buyer.

User support

Email or online ticketing support



Phone support



Web chat support



Support levels

We provide support during office hours and for the duration of the contract with the buyer. Support the digital service is live is will usually be provided by the buyers own support team.

Staff security

Staff security clearance

Staff screening not performed


Government security clearance

Up to Developed Vetting (DV)

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