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Free Agile Training!
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Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials
(CDP-ASE) Pilot

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Agile is not what you do, Agile is what you become!


As you begin your Agile journey, one of your first challenges will be understanding the rules and roles that support Agile delivery. This two-day Agile training course combines power-point presentations and informal discussions to introduce you to Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method without the impending pressure of having to pass a certification examination.


Designed by Agile coaches with specialist experience of working on GDS (Government Digital Service) Service Standards compliant government and public sector projects. Previous experience of Agile delivery is not a pre-requisite to attending this course, although it is assumed delegates have some understanding of Agile terms.


Recently certified by the CPD Certification Service, we have decided to trial and offer our Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method – Essentials course outside its usual government digital delivery setting. 


This course, worth £1,350.00 is 100% free to the first 60 delegates to register their interest. 

Course features

  • Two-day Agile Classroom training course

  • Course uses example eCommerce Business Case for context

  • Optional certification examination (free CPD-ASE certification worth £399 upon successful completion)

  • Optional Agile post-course quiz to help delegates gauge their level of attainment

  • Online Retrospective feedback to enable continuous course improvements.​

  • Delegates will understand the concepts and benefits of Agile development,

  • Scrum team roles and role accountabilities,

  • INVEST compliant User Stories and BDD formatted Acceptance Criteria,

  • Agile approach to incremental project delivery,

  • Agile artefacts and Agile reports (burn-down & burn-up charts),

  • Agile events and Scrum rules,

  • Comparison: Agile methodologies (Lean, XP, SAFe & Scrum),

  • Use of Kanban for workflow management, and;

  • Be able to communicate the ideals of Agile to stakeholders.

Course agenda

General knowledge

  • Agile Delivery 101

  • Scrum process and sprints

  • Applicability of Scrum

  • Agile Manifesto

Scrum roles and accountabilities 

  • Overview of Scrum roles (Core & Ancillary)

  • Scrum Master role and responsibilities

  • Scrum Product Owner role and responsibilities

  • Scrum team


Scrum events

  • Sprint Planning

  • Daily Scrums

  • Sprint Reviews

  • Sprint Retrospectives


Scrum artefacts

  • Product backlog definition

  • Sprint backlog

  • Burn-down and burn-up charts

Scaling Scrum 

  • Working with multiple Scrum teams

  • Working with distributed Scrum teams


Risks and challenges

  • Risks and challenges of transitioning to Agile delivery


Frequently asked questions

  • Discussion on frequently asked Agile questions


Agile knowledge quiz

  • Examples of the multiple-choice questions in the optional online quiz

Course location 

Bracknell, Berkshire, 

Venture House.png

How to register

To register your interest, please click here for the registration page, or email your

  • Name,

  • Email address, and;

  • Telephone number

to course-enquiries

Please note: This two-day Agile training course will be held at our training centre in Bracknell, Berkshire, please register your interest only if you are able to attend in person.

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